2023.07 Update, 2193 new compounds were added to the database... detail

2023.01 Update, TeroENZ was born, with 13462 terpenoid-related enzymes being added to TeroKit... detail

2022.07 Update, 2275 new compounds were added to the database... detail

2021.07 Update, more than 25000 publications were annotated for biological source and TeroMOL was born... detail

2020.10 Update, 1157 new compounds were added to the database... detail

2020.04 TeroKit was officially released.

2019.05 Main data were collected and noted in TeroKit.

2018.10 TeroKit was born.

Users who find any mistakes in the TeroKit are welcome to give us a feedback, we will confirm and correct it as soon as possible.

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Data contribution is also welcome and will be appreciated explicitly. Individuals or research groups who want to contribute TeroKit are invited to fill out the spreadsheet and provide structure files in any of the acceptable formats(SMILES, SDF or MOL). The complete files can be uploaded via this page after login or sent via e-mail to our team by qmclab@126.com

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After a successful login, users can download the structure in SD file format by clicking the download button in specific page such as browse, search and compound page. And a list of downloadable items are also provided in this page. For any other download requirements, please contact with us by wurb3@mail.sysu.edu.cn

  Download data 

All structures of TeroMOL (.txt, provided with SMILES) Click to Save (~62MB)
Molecules with reproted activities (.txt) Click to Save (~11MB)
Molecules with avaialble vendors (.txt) Click to Save (~4MB)
All sequences of TeroENZ (.fasta) Click to Save (~5MB)
Reactions with TeroMOL ID (.txt) Click to Save (<1MB)
Reactions with TeroENZ ID (.txt) Click to Save (<1MB)