Terpenome defines as all terpenoid-derived compounds (including the terpenoids, steroids and their derivatives) and enzymes invovled in their biosynthesis. Terpenoids represent the most chemically and structurally diverse family of natural products. There is a growing concern about terpenome by the Pharmaceutical Chemist because of their huge medicinal value, with artemisinin and paclitaxel for representative. TeroKit is a webserver-based multi-scale toolkit conducive to the research of terpenome. It contains databases with annotated data of more than 180,000 terpenoid molecules (TeroMOL) and 13,000 enzymes (TeroENZ), which are further integrated to the terpenome reaction network (TeroMAP). TeroKit provides the online retrieval and analysis of chemical space, biological activities and biosynthetic pathways for terpenome.